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A non-refundable fee of £30 will be charged to survey for the following services. This fee will be deducted from any quoted treatment costs should you choose to proceed.

A cute bee close up image

Bee Relocation

Bees are the UK's most predominant pollinator pollinating a third of the food we eat. Without bees we could all go hungry. If you have a swarm on your property we can advise on if it can be left in place or relocated. We work in association with local beekeepers to ensure a colony is never destroyed.

A pigeon trying to land on some pigeon spikes


We can offer advice on proofing and can carry out minimal proofing in addition to treatments (at a customers request) to prevent a problem re-occurring.

black ants running around on the floor


Ants in your property can be challenging to treat. If mistreated the problem can escalate and new colonies can form in different locations - Let us solve your ant problems with our specialist knowledge.

A cockroach eating a piece of bread


Cockroaches are ferocious breeders, so gaining effective control can be challenging. As they're mostly nocturnal species, surveys to identify harbourage and to establish the most effective bait points is best done at night. Sustained control can only be achieved using a combination of treatments and improved housekeeping. 

A close up image of a wasp


If you have a wasp nest in or close to your property do not deal with it yourself. Wasp stings are very nasty and can lead to further health complications - always call a professional pest control company. 

a brown rat eating scraps


Cold and wet weather drives pests indoors as they seek food and shelter. If you think you have an infestation, give us a call. We will conduct an initial survey, offer advice on proofing and establish the most appropriate method of control. In certain situations night shooting programmes can be arranged.

A grey squirrel sitting on a tree

Grey Squirrels

Squirrels in your loft can sometimes be mistaken for rats. Once this is established we can put in place a combination of baiting, trapping and shooting methods to ensure effective results.

A mole digging up a lawn and making a mess


Moles can cause significant damage to turf and grass areas. So if they're making a mess of your lawn give us a call. As a member of the Guild of British Molecatchers we only use traditional trapping methods and our extensive knowledge of the species to establish effective control.

We also treat fleas, carpet beetles and a whole range of other pests. Night shoots can be tailored to your needs in more rural areas and farm settings for fast and effective control of foxes and rabbits. 

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